You're A Disgrace Miss Lace Cardigan
You're A Disgrace Miss Lace cardigan is a classic, stylish cardigan with lace sleeves evoking all the glamour of Sophia Loren in a glorious MGM studio movie! Your new lace cardigan can be worn over a frock or with a delicate silk camisole (my little hint is to wear a hot pink camisole or a pale blue camisole under the cardigan to show how versatile your BRAND NEW LOOK is!  I love to wear my You're A Disgrace Miss Lace Cardigan draped over my shoulders as I flit from home to the movie theatre, from the movie theatre to a poetry reading, from the poetry reading to Sunday School, from Sunday School to Saturday School! Your VERY modern lace cardigan Girls  has a silk back which allows the cardigan/jacket to drape  gracefully over your adorable body! 
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Care Info

This garment is made from Silk and Viscose. Please hand wash only.

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