Alannah Hill is a designer, author and public speaker.

Her uniquely ornamental vision along with a passionate belief in the power of 'Dressing Up' gave Alannah the success she dreamed about as a young girl growing up in the deep south of Tasmania.

Founded by Alannah in 1990 (Indigo Boutique) the Alannah Hill Brand became one of Australia’s most trailblazing, instantly recognisable and iconic fashion house.

Alannah's ultra feminine designs set the fashion world on fire with The Alannah Hill brand enjoying extraordinary success in the Australian fashion industry. Alannah went on to dress and style the It-Girls of the moment – Kylie Minogue, Helena Christensen, Dannii Minogue, Deborah Conway, Angie Heart, Nicole Kidman, Katy Perry, and Courtney Love.

In 2013, Alannah released a statement informing her many loyal fans that she was leaving her role as Creative Director/Founder of Alannah Hill. The shock of Alannah’s departure from her own label captured the public and the media’s imagination. 

Factory X continue to run the chain of stores named after her.

Alannah appeared in Richard Lowensteins cult film Dogs in Space and as Love Interviewer /Researcher for the U2 documentary, When Love Comes To Town.

 In 2015, Alannah launched her new fashion brand LOUISE LOVE to critical acclaim. Alannah put all LOUISE LOVE business on hold in 2016 to complete her memoir. 

Alannah’s shocking and exhilarating memoir describes her journey of transformation from a joyless and abusive childhood to a dream come true career peak of love, loss and reinvention.

Published in May 2018, Butterfly on A Pin was Australia’s number 1 best-selling memoir nationally. Alannah is represented by Saxons Public Speakers .

Alannah is currently working on her second book, a collection of rollicking, defiant, autobiographical punked up essays where life changing moments are found in the absurd and self improvement is inconvenient and unpleasant. 

Alannah lives in Melbourne with her 17 year old son Edward and a beagle dog called Jack.