Most sustained character in the local school play

Most consistent character in the local school play

Best and fairest on the basketball court in 1989

A softball trophy for playing softball 

Mother of the year awarded to Alannah 189 times

Patient of the year at Cabrini hospital in Kew

Designer of the decade award

Stylist of the decade  award

Queen of Pop awarded to Alannah in 1985, 1990,1995, 2013

Touch typist award for typing 99 WPM at 100% accuracy

Speed reading award for speed reading

National Gallery of Victoria award for participating in an exhibition on Australian Fashion

The exhibition explores Alannah's creative processes and the romantic, beautiful designs that have seen her work sought after by royalty, Justin Beiber, Beyonce, Madonna, international actresses, nurses, doctors, lawyers, dentists, waitresses, girl monsters, Kylie Minogue, Danni Minogue, authors, publishers, bird watchers, teachers, and English  theatre stars.


Alannah Hill is one of Australia's most successful and loved fashion designers.

Alannah is the creator of the iconic ultra feminine fashion brand Alannah Hill.


After an 18 year partnership (with her former financial backers Factory X)  Alannah released a statement in August 2013 informing her many loyal fans that  she was leaving her role as Creative Director/Designer at Alannah Hill. Alannah no longer has any creative input or anything to do with the brand that bears her name. Factory X own the trademark Alannah Hill.

In 2015, Alannah launched her new fashion brand LOUISE LOVE to critical acclaim world wide!  Global! Huge! Mega Star to the vainglorious souls that we all are! Alannah is one of Australia’s most instantly recognizable fashion icons in the whole world! ( perhaps thats going too far ~ we're not sure!)

Alannah’s Background

Born in the deep south of Tasmania in a small town called Franklin Alannah lived with her parents and four siblings.  ~ Alannah's parents have both passed away.  From her earliest memories, Alannah held fantastical dreams of becoming a somebody as she feared she may always feel like a nobody. Alannah left school early to work at her family’s Milk Bar/Service Station in Penguin Tasmania. She  tried her hand at part-time jobs such as a Coles check out girl, a waitress, dog-walker, babysitter, ear piercer, jay walker, novelist, apprentice hairdresser at Sussans Hair Shoppe in Ulverstone Tasmania,  receptionist, secretary, a go-go girl cage-dancer at Romano's Restaurant in Hobart, and forty four other ludicrious jobs that Alannah SIMPLY cannot mention on this page!

At the tender age of 15, Alannah moved to Hobart to live with her sister in one room in a boarding house in Battery Point. Alannah felt she needed to  escape her unhappy, fragmented childhood. It was here that Alannah began her transformation from the girl Alannah that she thought she was, into the girl Alannah that she wanted to be!

Aged 16, Alannah flew to Melbourne with $30 in her apron pocket and an address for a bedsit in Redan St. Windsor. She knew not a soul and not a soul knew her!

Using her innate wild creativity, powerful personal drive and a desire to dress girls up with humour and coquettish charm, Alannah reinvented herself in Melbourne where she was cast as Girlfriend Number 2 in Richard Lowenstein’s quintessential post-punk Melbourne feature film ‘Dogs in Space’, (Much to Alannah’s horror she was told she was simply Girlfriend number 2. No name was given to Alannah. Just Girlfriend number 2!) Alannah’s screen debut was a most splendid  flop according to Alannah.

“I had NO idea what I was doing on that film set! I kept staring into the camera unable to act, unable to focus, unable to accept that I didn’t have a name! I was an introvert trying to be an extrovert ~ I felt plain, unremarkable, almost as if  I was slipping through the cracks of everyday life."

Alannah collaborated with Lowenstein on his When Comes to Town Love documentary interviewing major stars including Michael Hutchence, BB King, U2 and David Bowie.

Alannah's title was the Love Researcher.

David Bowie insulted Alannah about her choice in lipstick colour ~ Plum! Alannah has never worn plum lipstick again.

As the in-house designer/creative director for hip Chapel Street boutique Indigo  (1970 ~ 1996), Alannah’s supernatural sixth sense for style and sensuality rapidly attracted a loyal following with Alannah selling her designs through Indigo and various other chic boutiques around Australia. The Alannah Hill brand enjoyed a supernatural success in the Australian fashion industry with Alannah dressing and styling some of the best dressed It-Girls of the moment – Kylie Minogue, Helena Christensen, Dannii Minogue, Deborah Conway, and Nicole Kidman to name just a few.

Always more than just a fashionista, Alannah's irreverent humor, dark intelligence and glamorous persona are trademarks she wears like a halo or a crown which may slip at any given time! The astonishing shock of Alannah’s departure from her own label in 2013 captured the public and the media’s imagination. In 2015 Alannah launched her new limited edition label Louise Love to international acclaim.

Alannah is currently recovering from a malignant melanoma which she discovered by accident whilst air kicking her beloved Beagle Jack! Alannah is designing a new Collection for her brand Louise Love, and also writing a memoir titled Butterfly on a Pin  to be released through ABC/Harper Collins in 2017. Alannah is the proud Ambassador to Sydney’s Centenary Institute of Science and Medical Research where she assists in raising funds for cancer research.

Alannah lives in Melbourne  (Australia) with her 14 year old son Edward James Hill and their pet dog Jack. Alannah's hobbies include drawing, writing, studying the human condition, sweeping, photography, reading16th century novels, perfume/ make -up, psychology,  philosophy and dusting. Alannah plans to launch Louise Love perfume and candles in the very near future.