Alannah Hill is one of Australia’s most loved fashion designers, and author of the bestselling memoir, Butterfly on a Pin.

At the height of her trailblazing success, the Alannah Hill brand with Alannah's ultra-feminine collections were represented in department stores and boutiques across the globe, in New York, Singapore, London and Japan.

After eighteen years of partnership with Factory X, in 2014 Alannah released a statement informing her many loyal fans that she was leaving her role as Creative Director/Founder of Alannah Hill.  Alannah has had no creative input into the Brand Alannah Hill since 2013. Factory X continue to run the chain of stores named after her.

In 2015, Alannah launched her new online fashion brand LOUISE LOVE, retailed exclusively through David Jones. Recovering from melanoma cancer Alannah reinvented herself as a rather astonishig writer. From Italy to Timbuktoo she spent three years revisiting her past. 

Alannah’s shocking and exhilarating memoir, describes her journey of transformation from a joyless and abused childhood to a dream come true career peak of love, loss and reinvention. 

Using her innate sense of creativity and style, along with a desire to dress girls up with humour and coquettish charm, Alannah reinvented herself in Melbourne. As the in-house Designer for hip Chapel Street Boutique Indigo for sixteen years, Alannah’s supernatural sixth sense for style and sensuality rapidly attracted a loyal following. In 1989, Indigo launched Alannah Hill with Alannah selling her designs through Indigo and chic boutiques in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

Alannah and Indigo parted ways in 1995.

Alannah’s rebellious spirit was noticed by film director Richard Lowenstein. She appeared in Lowenstein’s cult movie Dogs in Space and continued working with Lowenstein on the documentary U2/ When Love Comes To Town as a Love Researcher Interviewer.

In the early 90's Alannah continued to work with Lowenstein and director Paul Goldman, styling block buster  budget ‘80’s video clips, including INXS, Crowded House and Dannii Minogue.

Alannah's rebellious, ornamental and ultra feminine designs set the fashion world on fire. The Alannah Hill brand enjoyed extraordinary success in the Australian fashion industry with Alannah dressing and styling the It-Girls of the moment – Kylie Minogue, Helena Christensen, Dannii Minogue, DeborahConway, Angie Heart, Nicole Kidman, Katy Perry, and Courtney Love.

Alannah is currently working on her second book, a collection of rollicking, defiant, autobiographical essays. You'll love it!

Alannah lives in Melbourne with her 17 year old son Edward and a beagle dog called Jack. She is currently working on her second book, a collection of rollicking  autobiographical essays. A bomb of a book! You'll love it!

Alannah is represented by Saxtons Public Speakers