Books By Alannah

The Handbag of Happiness (and other misunderstandings, misdemeanours and misadventures.)

The Handbag of Happiness is a collection of rollicking, defiant, real-life stories where self-improvement is satire and life-changing moments are found in the absurdity of our mysterious little lives.

From The Bathing Costume of Calamity to The Apron Strings of Lament and The Brassiere of Lovelessness, Alannah Hill shares hard-won wisdom from a career in the fashion world (along with the fine art of stickybeaking). Irreverent, provocative, self-depreciating and witty, Alannah tells us in her own imperfect way how she overcame adversity – and sometimes didn’t, despite her best intentions.

In a world full of self-help clichés, contradictory messages and new-puritan rules, Alannah opens her bejewelled handbag of happiness, showing us how being a little bit wrong can sometimes be so very, very right. 

Extract from Cover Interview with the Sunday Age

‘I wanted to write an anti-self-help book. Platitudes, kundalini yoga, cups of tea, medication, thinking, drugs, alcohol, lavender hue kissed candles and Belgium chocolate often cease to work when we’re suffering!

Each chapter is represented by an item of clothing, a veil, a housecoat, a cardigan, a dressing gown, an apron, a bra with the emotional onslaught and humour of a politicly incorrect social poltergeist thrown in! Each chapter makes up the million ordinary problems of 21st century life that each and every one of us face every single day. How as mothers, our children leave us for dead! How short-lived is the happiness in a $4K splurge on a handbag? How try-hard antics in the school playground can backfire! How to cope when your teeth falls out during a conversation with a VIP CEO!

And remember….. Imperfection can be marvellous; madness is a gift and it’s one hundred percent better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.